Helping you to navigate your senior years and live your life to the fullest

Getting older can feel daunting and often comes with a lot of questions. Thankfully, there is someone you can speak to to help you navigate the years ahead and work through available options and choices.

We recognise that everyone has individual goals and that ‘healthy ageing’ means different things to different people. Our Healthy Ageing Hub Advisor will work with you to fully customise their approach to working with you to support your current and future needs.

Our Healthy Ageing Advisor can support you to:

  • identify choices and options to help you age well in your community
  • navigate My Aged Care and understand what supports you may be eligible for
  • feel educated and empowered about your choices, as well as link you with support groups, programs, physical activities, adult learning classes and social support services¬† that will meet your individual needs
  • receive the latest health advice and resources to support your wellbeing
  • resolve issues and make significant life decisions e.g. end of life decision making
  • access culturally appropriate and safe care, specific to your needs.

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“It gives me piece of mind to know that dad has made a plan for his future. I want him to live his life to its fullest and I am grateful he has taken the time to invest in his health and wellbeing. I hope I am as fit and determined as he is when I am his age!”


The Healthy Ageing Hub is open to people living in Central and Eastern Sydney and who are:

  • 60 years and over
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 50 years and over
  • their Family and/or Careers
  • people from the LGBTQIA+ Community
  • those from CALD backgrounds and,
  • people living with a disability.


“How long will I be able to live independently in my own home?”

“I don't want my senior years to play out the way they did for my parents and grandparents. They never had any choices, and they felt restricted in what they could do and how they could do it once they got to a certain age. ...........I want to give myself the best possible chance of living the life I want, while I still can”

Kerry, 62

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Due to high demand, we are not taking appointments or waitlisting clients for this service until further notice. If you would like to contact our Healthy Ageing Advisor send an email to and list your reason or need for this service.

This service has been made possible by funding from Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network.