About DLAP

Many people face challenges when it comes to gaining or regaining a driver’s license. Help is available through DLAP. Our program can support you on your driver license journey to:
– Get a learner license
– Gain on-road driving experience
– Progress to a provisional license
– Regain a license.

We provide assistance with:
– Helping you attend Service NSW
– Gaining the required identification and applying for a license
– Access to a computer and assistance for the Driver Knowledge Test
English for Driving Course
– Help to Improve literacy, numeracy, and computer skills
– An exemption from the Driver Knowledge Test testing fee*
*Subject to completion of the practice testing. 

Learners – Full license
– Complimentary professional lessons with a certified Driving School
– Access to roadworthy vehicles to gain hours & sit testing
– Volunteer driver mentoring and supervision to complete hours
– Debt negotiation and management

The DLAP is funded by Transport NSW.

Watch the video for an overview of DLAP.


  • Pre-learner clients (no learner licence)
    Any client group from a refugee and migrant background who does not have L (learner) licence yet. Pre-learner course for learning safer driving road rules. DLAP will provide ‘Exemption Letter’ for Free ‘Driving Knowledge Test (DKT).
  • Overseas License holders (any age group)
    Any client group from refugee and migrant background who holds an overseas licence. DLAP will provide ‘Exemption Letter’ for ‘Free Driving Knowledge Test’ (DKT) including ‘Subsidised Professional Driving Lessons’ and ‘Mentoring’ support (if available).
  • Clients under the age of 25
    Client under the age of 25 from refugee and migrant background. Clients should provide copy of empty page 110 of logbook. DLAP will provide 10 ‘Subsidised Professional Driving Lessons’ that is converted into 30 hours in the logbook.
  • Client with prior driving experience
    Any client group from refugee and migrant background who has prior driving experience. DLAP will provide ‘Exemption Letter’ for Free ‘Driving Knowledge Test’ (DKT) including ‘Subsidised Professional Driving Lessons’ and ‘Mentoring’ support.
  • Clients with special circumstances
    Any client group from refugee and migrant background who has special circumstances such as Domestic and Family Violence, Single Parents, financially disadvantaged. Caseworker needs to confirm client circumstance by providing supporting evidence or statements.


Applications will NOT be accepted if the criteria is not met and/or, the relevant and completed  documents are not attached. We will notify applicants of the outcome by email. 

To apply, please use the following link for the area that is most appropriate to you or the applicant:

Sydney          REGISTER
Newcastle     REGISTER
Wollongong  REGISTER 
Northern Beaches  REGISTER 

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Volunteer as a Driver Mentor

Contribute to a great program to support learners become safe, skilled, and licensed drivers. Become a volunteer mentor and help participants gain on road driving experience. Complete the volunteer application form by scanning the code below. Alternatively, contact us on drivetime@gcais.org.au  or  on 0478 748 387. Find out more

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For more information on the DLAP contact us at Drivetime@gcais.org.au.